How Google Drive works with Gmail email?

Gmail is a free website based service that helps business and people to stay in contact with each other through messages. This service is back boned by Google, a company that is known for its reliability and stability. Google keeps bringing something new in the field of information technology from time to time to offers users quality services and ease their communication. Recently, in 2012 Google offered a latest service known as Google drive that is a synchronization and file storage service. This service allows users to use different features such as collaborative editing, cloud storage and file sharing. Files that are shared publicly on the Google drive are searchable with website search engines.

How Google Drive works with Gmail email?

Google drive can also be taken as a home of Google documents or as an office suite of the productivity applications which offer mutual editing of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. Google Drive works with Gmail because it offers storage, supports different file formats and offers data safety and privacy. Though, large space for documents is a major requirement of business organization but still it is also important from personal point of view. Mutual working of Google Drive and Gmail is mentioned below;

Insert files in Gmail by using Google Drive

If there is any user who wants to send a file like word document or image then he or she can attach this file from computer and insert file in message using Google drive. Though, receiver will receive the file in same way no matter which method is used but there are some common differences in Drive and normal attaching file. Some of these are:

  • When user is attaching file through computer than he or she can only attach files up to 25MB. Now if same user is using Google Drive for inserting files in the message then he or she can send any file that is up to 10 gigabytes (10 GB).
  • Another advantage of using Google Drive is that user has the control of the file even after it is Read More…

How to associate Gmail in your cell phone?

This is an age of information technology and the horizons of technology are expanding day by day. Now, technology is not just limited to personal computers and laptops but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is an age of Smartphones. These phones are as efficient to computers in power, processing speed and reliability that is why they can be termed as mini computers.

associate gmail cell phone

There are millions of people that use Gmail which is a free website based messaging service for connecting people to their businesses and friends. Few years ago this service was only available on computers and laptops but now it is also offered on cell phones. Though, the process of associating Gmail is different for every phone available in market but still in many cell phones this service is offered as a built in feature. The Gmail mobile service was released in 2005 and some features offered in this service are abilities to read, compose, mark unread, reply, forward, ad custom labels, add a star and trash email messages. However, for using Gmail on mobile, it is essential that user has a Gmail account and a phone that meets below mentioned requirements:

  • Cell phone must have an Internet Access and web browser that has WAP enabled.
  • Cell phone must be XHTML accommodating.
  • Cell phone must allow Secure Socket Layer traffic.
  • Cookies must be enabled in the cell phone and the network of mobile must enable cookies.

Now, the detailed process to how to associate Gmail in your cell phone? is stated below;

Using Email App

There is no need to download any extra application to associate Gmail on cell phone. Users can use the Gmail application which comes as built-in feature. The process is different for every mobile device but this difference is minimal and the basic principle is the same. User will have to provide his or her Email address and password. Mobile device will then add information about account so that user can access it easily whenever he or she desires. The mail applications on mobile devices mostly stay signed in, so anyone who uses user’s phone can read messages. This can be avoided by using passcode lock feature which is available in the general settings of mobile device.

Associating Gmail in iPad and iPhone

For associating Gmail in iPad and iPhone, users will have to go to the settings and choose “mail, contacts and calendar” option. This option is available in the general settings just above “phone” option. After selecting the above mentioned Read More…

How to manage Spam with Gmail

It is not easier to say how we can manage our incoming and outgoing mails as we cannot manually check and let it go every E-mail. There may be hundreds of E-mails coming to you and among all of these; there can be some spam mails. It is needed to first explain the term; “Spam E-mail”. We can say it as an interruption in smooth sailing of our E-mail service. This is what makes us irritated and we feel awkward for its arrival. Few of these mails are very aggressive. We may receive sex related mails that if these are by mistake shown to our minors, we get ashamed. At the very out set when we receive a Spam Mail, we may feel fine with it as it causes disturbances at a later stage. There are so many software that act in defense besides the natural protection, given by every ISP and E-mail service provider. It should be kept in mind that our enemy is not targeted. We need span of time to locate and apply the filters upon it. We shall discuss here few techniques to deal with the spam mails in Google mail.

spam on gmail

Gmail is equipped with best tricks and tactics to deal with spam mails commonly given name of fmail filters. But never forget that Junk mails cannot be cent percent blocked and these can get entry into the inbox at some time. However gmail functioning is quite affective in reducing its chances.

How To Get Rid Of Spam Mails

You need to get sign In to your gmail account. Then you must search for the Spam mail in your mail box. After it, you can follow these steps: -

  1. Check the box at the left of Spam mail folder. If you have seen more than one spam mails, you can check all the mails at a time by clicking in the top check box.
  2. You will be seeing a tool bar at the top of message lists. The icon with a circle should be clicked into at scream point. When you will see a message of Report Spam, only then you can proceed further. Click on the tab.
  3. You will see an execution dialogue such as “This conversation has been marked as spam“. If something has happened accidentally, you can easily undo.
  4. If the E-mail that you have marked as Spam is from an address to whom you are subscribed, you will be given an indication like In addition to marking this message as spam, Gmail can attempt to automatically unsubscribe you from XYZ by sending an unsubscribe request on your behalf. If you are desirous to unsubscribe, you can continue or you may undo the ongoing step.

Kick Out the Spam Messages

If you were not ready for what you have done by marking some important mails also as Spam, you need Read More…